Affection Starts from Within You

We are sometimes around people who criticize our every move. They make us feel like we don’t deserve the best things in life. Over time, some of us come to believe what these people say. Before listening to other criticisms, you should realize you are special to some people and should learn how to love yourself. The question is what we should do for that. Let’s discuss how to love ourselves now to help us find a better self.

How to Have a Good Relationship with Yourself

In order to cherish others, you have to learn how to love yourself first. It all starts with you knowing that you are important. The following tips will help you create self-affection within yourself.


1. Make contact with your inner self

You can discover unconditional love through meditation. This will help you discover how you should love yourself. It includes self-care and also self-reflection. Take a few minutes in a quiet place and think about yourself and the great things that matter.


2. Avoid perfectionism

Being perfect is far from what we need. If you continue feeling like you haven’t done enough, you will never be happy and will lose in practicing how to love yourself. You have to let go of the notion that you have to get everything right all the time. Appreciate the hands of your work no matter what.


3. Forgive the past mistakes

I learned the hard way of not living in the past. I had no option but to learn how to love myself when no one else did. So you should follow the same path and forgive yourself for what happened in the past. Accept and heal slowly by letting go of any wrongdoing.


4. Accept where you are now

This is also an important step that makes you know that you are better. By accepting that you have gotten past bad times, when you think about them, will make you happy. When old memories that were not pleasing try to creep back, remind yourself that you are doing well.


5. Reflect on positive attributes daily

You can reflect on the positive things that you have done for people in the past. Write down a list of positive acts that you have done, For instance, if you have been a shoulder to lean on to a friend, jot it down. By doing this you are practicing how to love yourself.


6. Celebrate and reward yourself

You can engage yourself in something funny, that could make you feel happy. Go shopping, take a nice long bath, get a massage or go watch that movie you love. This means that you are giving yourself a pat on the back. It is not addictive to enjoy material pleasures, but you deserve the best.


7. Recite positive affirmations

By telling yourself that you are worthy, you will heal and respect yourself. It is good to say “I love myself” Positive affirmations will remind you of your preciousness.


8. Get into relationships where you are cherished and adored.

You don’t have to be alone in self-love, be with people who can reflect that love. When you have someone who loves you, he or she will remind you of how beautiful or handsome you are. This will leave you feeling great. Parents can also give you a warm feeling, consider taking time to be with them.


9. Practice the love you need now

By doing what you love, you will also attract love to yourself. Practicing self-love is a part of growth. Continue loving yourself and don’t procrastinate. Start now and you will see how life is much better when you do it in action.


10. Visit a therapist

Professional help can uplift you and give you ways you can try to love yourself once again. If you feel that you are really struggling with feelings of having self-love, visit a therapist. You will be given the guidance you need.

How to Put Self-love into Action

Now that you know about how to have a good relationship with yourself, let us focus on ways to put that self-love into action.


1. Have fun by yourself

You can set aside time to enjoy yourself, for instance, go for a nice swim. Time alone will let happiness bloom within you.


2. Start a journey

Travelling may also do you some good because new places lead to new discoveries. Go for a nice trip to a great place. Self-experience is important for you. Explore and meet new people who you might have healthy relationships with. Have great friends around you and most of all, take good care of yourself on this journey.


3. Accept compliments

Appreciate the compliments that people say to you. You can also complement them back. This reflection of love makes you feel good.


4. Wear clothes that make you feel good

Sometimes, when you dress up nicely, you feel much better. Your confidence is boosted to a whole new level. Dress up and feel great.


5. Grow spiritually

When you feel you don’t love yourself, go back to your religion. You will be reminded that you are wonderfully made. This means you are loved and you are a sight to behold.


6. Trust yourself

In order to learn how to love yourself first, you should have confidence in your abilities. Know that you can make the right decisions and have good judgment.


7. Eliminate self-criticism

Don’t criticize yourself when you fail, instead, encourage yourself, for a better tomorrow. Uplift yourself by being positive and promise to improve. You have to guard your heart too.


8. Accept that you can't please everyone

Once you have accepted that you can’t make everyone happy, you will have freedom. You will help you to love yourself and not be a people-pleaser.

To Conclude

To have that self-love you ought to practice these tips and be practical. It comes from you before you give it to someone else. Go outdoors so that your mind cannot be clogged. Experience the best things in life by following the pointers that we just told you about. If you want more information about how to love yourself, watch the video.


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