Five Tips To Reduce Face Fat

Face fat seems like an unshakeable curse for many people because even those who are physically fit also complain of having double chin and chubby cheeks. There are many instances where people who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet still have a chubby face angle. They tend to look plump in pictures just because their face has a chubby look.

When you attempt to reduce face fat, you must know in which category of people you belong. Do you exercise regularly and eat fit but still feel you have a chubby and plump face, especially with the chin and cheeks? Or are you generally overweight and need to undergo a training program? Once you are able to categorise yourself into these two categories, you can use the following advice to reduce face fat.

Advice for People Who Have Face Fat Even Though they are Physically Fit

This may seem difficult to comprehend but sometimes, despite all their best efforts in eating healthy and exercising regularly, most people have chubby cheeks and double chin. However, since you are already fit and are taking good care of your body with a regular diet and exercise regimen, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, for you, reducing face fat is easier than it would be for others. All you have to do is incorporate the following basic face exercises in your current exercise routine and begin to see changes. Be warned though - these exercises are meant to be done in private. You don’t want people thinking you’re making faces at them!

To start with, you can do the exercises while using the treadmill or elliptical trainer. You don’t have to necessarily take out separate time for these exercises but you can remind yourself to do them frequently throughout the day. Each set of exercise should be done thrice with 10 - 12 reps for each set. Ready? Here you go:


Set of Chin Lifts, Fish Face and Blowing Air

Do this trio of face exercises every day to see visible results after a month. The chin lift targets the double chin that you loathe so much, whereas the fish face is specifically for the cheeks. Finally, the blowing air works on all face muscles. To start with the chin lift, tilt your neck upwards to stare at the ceiling. While doing so also bring your lips together like as if you are kissing the ceiling and try to hold it for 10 seconds. Continue doing this for the next 10 reps.

Once done move to the fish face exercise where you simply have to pull in your cheeks just like a fish! Suck in both sides of your cheek and try moving your lips like a fish while doing so. This may be a tad bit difficult to do at first but with regular practice, you’ll get through it like a breeze.

Finally, do the blowing air exercise which helps flex all the muscles in your face. It also impacts the neck and the jaw. To do this exercise, sit back and tilt your head upwards like you did for the chin lift and blow from the lips. Remember this is a face exercise so you don’t exactly have to blow all your breath away! Rest for 10 seconds after each set and start again.


Make Some Changes in Your Beauty Trends

While working out the face is a good way to reduce face fat, you might not have the patience to wait so long for results. So instead, while working at the face, try making some changes to your beauty regime and hair style. Learn the art of contouring and applying colors that makes your face look slimmer. Or try a new hairstyle like a layered cut with side bangs or longer, messier cuts. Avoid bob cuts, pixie cuts or anything that could highlight the face. If you’re naturally chubby, short hair will make you look heavy and will highlight the unwanted face angle, chin and neck line more.

Advice for People Who Have Face Fat Caused by Weight Problems

If you’re someone who suffers from weight issues, you need to focus on making your overall body healthy instead of just focusing on the face. Once you take up an exercise regime and stick to eating healthy, you will begin to drop the pounds and your face will be the first to shrink. When an overweight person begins to lose fat, his/her face is the first part of the body that shows improvement. Ever had anyone ask you if you’ve lost weight by just looking at your face? If you have then it was thanks to your exercise regime. Along with exercise, make sure you practice the following suggestions:


Eat Healthy and Drink Lots of Water

This goes without saying that a healthy diet and a good amount of water each day can help you with weight loss as well as face fat reduction. Water flushes the toxins out of your body and helps you in your weight loss goals. We don’t need to stress about healthy foods now, do we? Along with foods, try eating fresh fruits as they are good in vitamins, minerals and fiber which can do miracles for your face.


Give Your Face a Soothing Massage Thrice a Week

Just like the body, the face needs a soothing massage too. It helps with blood circulation and stretches stiff face muscles. You can use common face massage techniques like circular rubs on the cheeks, face pulls and warm towel massages. You’ll notice a visible difference in the texture of your skin and also in the deep relaxation that can assist your face with fat reduction.


Perform Face Exercises Given Above

You don’t need to be at the gym to do a face exercise. Exercise your face using the sets given above, any time you are free. Continue it regularly and you will see a rapid change in your face within a month’s time.

Lastly, this advice is for all. Do not indulge in cosmetic alterations as these can turn horribly wrong. You can make your face look slimmer and attractive through natural techniques. However, if you’re born with a cute, chubby face, take it as a gift and be happy with who you are.


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