How to Deal with a Workaholic Boyfriend?

In today’s time, when work has become a priority for many, dating life usually suffers because of time constraints. This can be the case with men as well as women. However, there are times when women complain that their boyfriend works all the time or even men complain about this regarding their counterparts. Hence it is important to know whether or not the relationship is worth keeping if your boyfriend works all the time and how you can deal with a relationship like this.

Things to do when your Mr. is working all the time

If you have a workaholic boyfriend who works all the time and does not have a lot of spare time to spend with you, there may be a reason for you to be worried. In such cases, you should first do the following things.


1. Judge if it disturbs your relationship first

The first step to take with a person who works too much and has a really busy schedule is to decide whether or not this disturbs your relationship and to what extent. We all have our needs. If time and attention are what you need from a relationship, then you should not settle for a relationship where the other person does not have enough time for you.


2. Respect his schedules and communicate your feelings with him

As adults, we understand the meaning of a tight schedule and a busy life. So, try to be more considerate of his work commitments. You are important in his life but so is his work and you should not come between of that. If you are having a problem with him being extremely busy and not giving you enough time, talk it out with him. In a relationship, good communication is vital. You cannot just keep it bottled up inside. Open communication is the key to a successful relationship.


3. Set priorities

You both need to have a talk about your priorities. For example, you need to know how long your boyfriend will be this busy. Whether this is a short term commitment or a long term one. This can happen if he is just setting up his business or has a goal in mind and he has to work for really long hours for a period of time. No matter what the priorities are, you need to make a decision together and live through it together.


4. Set the right routines

You might need to set some routines where you can get the exact time for communicating with each other. It could be a date night every week or just talking before going to bed. You can discuss it depending on your schedules and commitments. Once you have made these routines, stick to it. This will show that both of you are serious about the relationship and want to put in the effort.


5. Make requests

If you are facing some problems in your relationship or want some parts of your partner to change, do not just assume they will do it; instead, make requests from them so that they know what has been bothering you and also give them the possible solution to your problem. Make sure that you are not ordering them around but asking them politely.


6. Accept it

The final thing in order to keep your relationship going is to accept him for who he is. Accepting his nature and giving him the freedom to be who he is, makes the relationship better. However, you need to know where to draw a line. You do not want to let him walk all over you. If you are accepting his behavior, you should expect the same from him as well.

How to Date a Busy Boyfriend If You Accept It

Once you have made peace with the fact that you want to date your boyfriend even if he is always busy with work, you should know some small tips and tricks that will help you maintain your peace.



1. Think positively

Stop putting negative thoughts in your head such as ‘my boyfriend works too much’ or ‘my boyfriend does not give me time’, ‘there must be something wrong with me’ and so on. Instead of that, start having a positive outlook on life and start supporting your boyfriend verbally with actions. Before you fight with him over something or complain about something, think about whether or not you are overreacting and this could not have been a big deal. If you can do these things and become more positive, your relationship will become happier.


2. Give up some control

People become really controlling when they are a part of a relationship. They want to control the lifestyle of their partner and want to shape it according to their own needs. Women become overly demanding the time of their partner. If you are dating a busy man, this can surely become a problem since he will not have time for all your plans. Instead what you can do is let go of some control in the relationship. You have to make some compromises if you want the relationship to work long term.


3. Get back to your hobby or developed one

If you are not as busy as your man and keep waiting for him to keep you company, you should stop this immediately. Create a list of the things you love and pick out a hobby. Start doing the things that you loved before and start investing your time in it. A hobby will not only keep you busy but will also take your mind away from the negative thoughts. You will grow as a person and there will be peace in your relationship.


4. Meet friends and enjoy your time with them

Don’t just limit yourself to your boyfriend, start making plans with your friends. You need to have an active social life and you should be able to maintain a fine balance between your relationship and other social aspects of your life. Make plans with your friends like you did before you were dating.


5. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal or writing down your thoughts have been known to have many positive benefits on a person. So, you should start developing a habit of writing down your thoughts. This way you will be able to let out things that have been bothering you and it will also keep you busy for a long time. If you are not very good at writing, you can just start by writing some points about how your day went and then progress from there.


Even if your boyfriend is busier than other men out there, this does not mean that you would love them. If your relationship does not have any flaws and you both are equally fond of each other, there is no point in worrying even if he is always busy with work. We all have career goals to achieve and you should be glad that your boyfriend is a hard worker and is serious about his life. You should go ahead and support him in his goals and also find yourself some goals that you can achieve.


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