Sticky Keyboard? Clean It with These Easy Steps!

Your computer is an important part of your life but sometimes due to an accident or your careless attitude, we may encounter issues with the keyboards. They become sticky due to the spillage of drinks or other accumulated dust. It may affect your work efficiency and your emotions. Wonder how to clean the sticky keyboard? This article explains some ways to clean a MacBook Pros sticky keys.

Clean Your Sticky Keyboard Step by Step

No need to worry about this problem because we are going to explain how to fix a sticky keyboard at home using the materials around you.


1. Prepare materials you need

How to clean the sticky keyboard? Well, you need to gather these materials first.

* Q-tips

* Alcohol

* Plastic bag

* Clean cloth

* Toothpicks

* Compressed air

* Screwdriver with a flat head

* A lubricant for the keyboard

* A keycap puller needed in case of mechanical keyboards.

2. Shut down PC

Make sure that you shut down your PC or MacBook before starting the procedure. Then unplug any other accessories from the PC or MacBook.


3. Spray the keyboard with compressed air

Now use the compressed air to spray the keyboard. The compressed air will blow all the dust and debris out from the spaces between the keys and the base of the keyboard. Make sure that you spritz the compressed air on each key even if they are not stuck to prevent any possible future sticking as well.


4. Use a toothpick to pick little stuff

Now use a toothpick to remove the remaining objects from the keyboard. You can use the toothpick to scrape away the objects which are visible to the human eye.


5. Wipe your keyboard with alcohol

Now use isopropyl alcohol to clean the keyboard. Spritz isopropyl alcohol lightly using a clean cloth. Run it from the right side to the left to clean the surface of the keyboard. This will make sure that all the sticky residue and gunk is removed from around the keys.

If your keyboard is protected with a UV coating, avoid using isopropyl alcohol, this will remove the coating. Instead, you can use warm water in such situations. Remember to dry your keyboard before proceeding.


6. Test your keys

Now try to press the keys repeatedly. If you think they are not sticky anymore then stop here otherwise you need to follow the further process of how to clean your sticky keyboard.


7. Take a picture

Before you remove the keys from the keyboard, it is a good idea to take a photograph of the keyboard so that you remember the right location of all the keys.


8. Remove all the sticky keys

You can wrap the floss around the base of the keys and pull it upward gently. A flat head screwdriver is also useful to pry up the keys from the keyboard.


9. Clean the keyboard under the keys

Here again, use the compressed air to remove all the dust and debris, with a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol you can remove the stains and stickiness from it.


10. Wash the keys and dry them

Now wash the keys if the underside is dirty or discolored. You can run water on them and rub them in soapy water to clean them. After cleaning, let them air dry on a paper towel.

* Lubricate the keys of a mechanical keyboard

In case you are using a mechanical keyboard, press down the sticky keys lever and apply lubricant on the walls of the keys. Then press and release the lever 3 to 5 times to incorporate the lubricant in it completely. Make sure the lubricant is specific for the keyboards. This process is only needed for mechanical keyboards if they are still sticking after the cleaning.

* Pat dries them for 2 days

Make sure that they are completely bone dry before reassembling them. Once they are dried put them back and test it if they are still sticking then you will need to visit a professional for its repair.


Keyboards are important and any problem with them can slow down your work. You can read the methods given above to clean the sticky keyboards and if you still feel unhappy with them, visit a professional for help.